An iconic view of the acropolis, the heart of the ancient city


A fairly accurate map of the city by venus


Another early view


A more finished view, note the Bathhouse on the far left and the Ancient Acropolis on the far right


A typical street view


During the night


The gate added at one end of the city, with the spawn ship

2012-06-28 20.11.08

Bathhouse on the left

2012-06-28 20.14.39

Bathhouse top left, Hanging Gardens bottom left, Ancient Acropolis top right

2012-06-28 20.20.42

at night

The Ancient City was the original map of the server, dating back to sometime in 2011. It was started as an attempt to build the hanging gardens of Babylon, but soon became a haphazard, rambling metropolis. The city was eventually replaced by the Golden City sometime in 2012.

Early HistoryEdit

The city started as Sanakan's attempt to construct the hanging gardens of Babylon in the middle of a lake. After this attempt came a second, and between them was a large Acropolis. After the map was opened to the public as a server, streets and buildings started getting added around the acropolis, but always with canals interweaving everything. As the city was built on a lake, each building was surrounded by a moat,with skinny paths leading out to thin roads, each flanked by thin canals. This gave the city a very Venetian-like feel, with water between all the buildings and bridges all over. Eventually, the city branched out enough to include the Mastercrafter Workshop, the Bathhouse, a Water Temple, a library, a harbor, a great Banquet Hall, a Museum to minecraft, a spawn building, and many Towers inbetween. The city was eventually capped off at one end by a large gatehouse, leading to a bridge crossing a river to a dock. At this dock was a ship you spawned in, "arriving" at the city.

The Biome UpdateEdit

The city was not to last like this much longer. A Minecraft update redistributed the biomes in such a way that most of the city was covered in swamp colors and textures. Fortunately, Sanakan_Soryu made plans for a whole new city, the Golden City. The new city would be based on a pre-planned layout, unlike the organic nature of the ancient city's layout. The Golden City and the Ancient City coexisted for some period of time, with many buildings being moved to the new city to help fill space.

Current State Edit

The city was inaccessible for a very long time until Chappedlips revealed he had a copy of the world save. As of August 13th, 2014, it had been reloaded for an unspecified time period, but as of June 2016, it is inaccessible to players.

Prominent Buildings Edit

Original posts Edit

Here is a link to the old minecraft forum topic of the ancient city. forum

Rare Video Edit

Here is a link to the only known historical footage of the ancient city video Note- Venus rover now has lots of modern footage in his private collection.

Map Edit


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