Eastgate day

East gatehouse with countless small buildings, looking east. Hustler's Mansion and Sere's Hangar on right

The gatehouse is a large stone pedestal-like hill with a tunnel leading through it that leads from East Castle to the inner city in Forgeheart. It has a large neighborhood on top comparable in size to the Clocktower District. This neighborhood has many overhanging houses with jetties and some windmills. The rooves are blue. The gatehouse itself is one of the four Forgeheart Gatehouses leading through the inner City Wall. The Sana Bridge is located just west of the gatehouse, crossing the Grand Canal. At the center of the neighborhood, there is a small plaza on top of the gatehouse, with several large trees and a fountain.

Remodeling Contest Edit

On August 21st or 22nd, 2014, the gatehouse was removed from the city, to be replaced by a plaza showcasing the server's technology-making skills. On the now empty plot, Sana encouraged builders to create small-scale models of their ideas for the new East Gatehouse area.

Eastgate Sana
Sana's plan with two smaller gatehouses on the sides, a super clocktower, some smaller buildings, and a cool floor design
Eastgate cow
cow232's entry with a castle on the right, a factory, farms, two small villages, and several airships
Eastgate Eugene
Eugene's entry with four gatehouses, smaller buildings surrounding the entire plaza, a huge clocktower in the middle, parks, and lots of airships, blimps, and steampunky elements like gears and pipes
Eastgate HP
HP's entry with two big arches, two slightly smaller buildings on the sides, lots of small houses surrounding the plaza, a huge dome in the middle, small open air markets, amphitheater-like stairs leading to the center, airships, blimps, and steampunky elements like gears and pipes
Eastgate laytons
laytons1's entry with one huge, closed building containing a lighthouse-like tower in the middle
Eastgate lhamma
Lhamma's entry with a clocktower in the center, two large gatehouses on the sides, 4 smaller buildings, an avenue leading from East Castle to the city, and large holes filled with huge gears, similar to the Clocktower District
Eastgate venus
Venus rover's entry with two smaller gatehouses, stairs on the sides leading to the City Wall, a clocktower in the middle, two pagodas next to the tower, and four huge gears coming out of the ground


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