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East Plaza looking north

The east plaza is the hub of the golden city, with the highest standards for buildings facing it. The center contains a two level sunken pit, with stairs leading out of it up to the east train station on the east side of the plaza. On the west side is the City Hall, and on the north and south sides are groups of many buildings with streets dividing them into two blocks to the north and to the south. This is a total of four city blocks and two large buildings facing the plaza.



A before and after image looking east, showing the carnival at left

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East Plaza in front of the City Hall

The plaza itself has been, for years, the hub of the city. During the steam punk phase, it was surrounded by the atlas statue to the west, the creeper arch to the east, and various buildings to the north and south, including skyscrapers and a large terrarium. The plaza revamp completely changed it, replacing all buildings with those mentioned at the top of the page, and replacing a large carnival that took up most of the area with the large sunken pit. The revamp also changed the materials of is surroundings and construction from sandstone and stone brick to quartz and stained clay.

Buildings Edit

These buildings all face the plaza:

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