City Wall
Industrial wall district
Industrial buildings between the inner and outer walls


Sanakan Soryu (the wall itself)
many others (the buildings on top)


25 blocks (Tier 1), 61 blocks (Tier 2)
(Without buildings on top)


Surrounds the whole city

Forgeheart's City Walls are the largest structures in the city, which they surround. They are about 60 blocks high and 100 block wide. While the inner wall forms an almost complete circle – the only gap is in the southwest of the city, where the Grand Canal enters a river outside the city – about 60% of the outer wall were removed or replaced by more natural-looking hills and mountains. Currently, the outer wall covers only the east side of Forgeheart and about half of the south side.

Initially, it was planned that the area between the two walls would be spilt into four districts: the Industrial District in the east (the only one that was implemented and is now almost complete), the Garden District in the south, the Merchants District in the west, and Chinatown in the north. A miniature version of the plan can still be seen in the basement of Sanacraft History Museum.

While there will be countless buildings on the walls in the future, the most prominent structures are the Four Castles that sit on top of the outer gate houses except for the South Castle, which sits on the inner gate house.


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