The four castles are four large buildings, one at the outermost edge of Forgeheart at each cardinal direction. They are the largest buildings on the entire server by far, and serve to protect the four Forgeheart Gatehouses. The south castle is the exception, as it is actually located ontop of the South Gatehouse.

They will be listed here in an order determined by both prominence in city layout and in order of completion, though those could very well be the same.

East Castle Edit

2014-06-08 21.54.26

Constructed by Letsmeetjesus? It is the most prominent as it faces east, directly ontop of the main entrance to the actual city. It is reached by traveling to the city from the New Spawn area.

West Castle Edit

2014-05-31 14.38.21

Constructed by Serephina, it is on the far side of the city from the main entrance, but sits on the main city axis nonetheless. It is approached from the Mother of all Bridges.

South Castle Edit


Constructed by BlackEyeGoat and LilFizzie, both previous players who built on the server and then moved on with life & school. The castle is containing both a tram, a top yard, & an entire full decorated core with plants, fountains & walkways.

North Castle Edit

Northcastle under construction

Constructed by Grabmc1112, it is currently under construction, and is the last one to be completed, as it's the last one left unfinished as of June 2014.

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