Looking north

The Sana bridge was constructed by Venus rover in Forgeheart. It crosses the Grand Canal, linking the East Gatehouse to the Inner City. It was constructed to replace the Nautilus Bridge, which had been there since before the remodeling of the city. The new bridge, however, has exactly the same slope as the old one, even retaining the same paving and one of the plaques. The bridge was designed to be lined with houses. It also has three stairways, one at all but one of the corners, leading down to the canal-side walkway. There was not enough room for the northwest staircase, as the Luxury Apartments were too close by. A gatehouse was eventually added at each end.

Houses Edit

  • Muk's
  • Hp's (2)
  • Orca's
  • many by King.
  • Max's bridge museum
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