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Kingdom of The Netherlands

VWtransporter, more commonly known as VW-Bug, is an Architect on the server. He serves as sitting mayor or Aylesmoor and Lord Bugveldere.

Prominent BuildingsEdit

Information Edit

VWtransporter joined the server around december 2015, with the old spawn before the clocktower still active he needed to walk the whole path down which he did not mind because he loved the architecture.

VWtransporter graduated the trialbuild with a roman villa, promoted to ironworker he worked on Lower-City. Since then VWtransporter has developed himself as a member of the more frequently visiting people to the server. In his time online VWtransporter saw the change from Lumbertown to Sawton, the construction of the new palace, the frequent revisings of Fishtown by Imps, the founding of MountainTown, officialy Maradoth, and the founding of Aerilon.

One day VWtransporter came up with a concept of a town living from oil, when San gave him permission he started building it and it underwent some major changes before it finnaly reached it's final destination as Aylesmoor. Before the Aylesburough there was a tudor castle in a style like Sawton, this castle has been completely remove and it has been replaced with the current Aylesburough, which contains: Bug's office, A guard section, Stables, an Archive, a Chappel, a Jail and Rooms.

VWtransporter himself has become a big lover of gardening since he has been on the server, alot of his buildings contained a greenhouse with especially roses which remind him of Empress Josephine Bonaparte of France.

VWtransporter's most current project as of 22nd januari 2017 is building is Estate of Bugveldere near Fishtown.

​Fun FactsEdit

  • VWtransporter has a little obession with Royalty and Titles, he claims to be descendant of many european royal and Imperial houses, you can find this back in his names of buildings, Chateau Couronne-Sur-Riviere means: Castle Crown near the river. And his Emporium dinner is called the Imperial Crown.
  • Even Though VWtransporter has an Embassy in Fishtown, it is more like his favorite house in Fishtown to reside while he visits there.
  • VWtransporter may be his real username, everyone on the server knows him as Bug or VW, all coming from a name that Impy once gave him.

​Known namesEdit

  • VW
  • VW_Bug
  • Bug
  • KombiFriend (lhamma only)
  • FlowerPowerWagon
  • Oilbaron_Bug
  • Disgraced_Bug ( By Imps after the removal of the Oilrigs)
  • Sir Bug, Mayor of Aylesmoor
  • Oil(s) (Mostly GhostOfEscipik)
  • Kaiser_Bug
  • Buggles (By Kat)


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